Exercise Physiology

At the exercise physiology environment we study how exercise and lifestyle affect body functionality and health.


The exercise physiology research environment is located at the Lillehammer campus of INN University (Photo: INN University)

The research is conducted as a study of healthy and ill subjects, focusing on how different training and nutritional interventions affect anything from physical and physiological functionalities, to cell biological functions and markers in muscle and blood, as well as quality of life.

Responses to exercise and lifestyle changes vary from individual to individual. This is related to underlying variation in the body's biology.

Our goal is to develop precise recommendations for exercise and lifestyle changes for individuals based on biological characteristics. This will facilitate optimization of function, performance and health at the individual level.

The research work is carried out by a highly qualified research staff in cooperation with a large network of regional, national and international partners.

Key tools are modern training and laboratory facilities, as well as a general biobank for storage of biological material.

We offer a bachelor's and a master's degree in exercise physiology and train doctoral candidates in collaboration with universities and other university colleges.