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User-involvement at the individual, service, and organizational levels

Researchers associated with HINN have run several projects where the focus has been on user-involvement for disabled people and has at the same time adopted a practical angle. They have directed their research towards groups like parents with disabled children and persons with mental disorders.

They have furthermore been involved in projects that have focused on user-involvement at the system level by means of surveys of disabled people’s representation in councils and committees and of disabled people’s organizations.

One area where researchers at HINN have gained recognition is related to the scheme Personal Assistance.  

Since 1996 the researchers have led a series of large research projects on Personal Assistance, financed by The Research Council of Norway, The Foundation for Health and Rehabilitation, The Norwegian Directorate of Health, and other organizations.

The studies have encompassed welfare-policy drafts in which the Personal Assistance scheme has been placed in a broader framework, comparative studies in a Scandinavian context, and surveys of users’, assistants’, and municipalities’ experiences with the scheme. 

Researchers from HINN have led a Nordic research group on this topic and are now responsible for leading The Norwegian Directorate of Health’s report on ‘User-directed personal assistance: Report and analysis of content, scale, and effect of the scheme’, which will be complete in 2014.