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Tourism and experiences

The research related to tourism and experiences has a multidisciplinary character, and focuses on different aspects of tourism. The research group includes economists, geographers, sociologists and staff with a multidisciplinary background.

Key issues are innovation, entrepreneurship, second homes, tourist behavior, destination image, development of experiences and events in the context of tourism.

The researchers participate in regional, national and international projects, teach courses, as well as disseminate to the public. Some projects are conducted in co-operation with the tourism industry.

The researchers are also involved in the PhD program in service innovation, and the research group includes several PhD-students.

The researchers (alphabetically):

Tor Arnesen
Randi Bredvold: entrepreneurship, innovation, management
Monica A. Breiby: tourist behaviour, user-driven innovation, development of tourism experiences
Marit Engen: service innovation, employee-driven innovation, user-driven innovation, innovation processes
Inger Elisabeth Holen: service innovation
Birgitta Ericsson
Atle Hauge
Erik Haugom
Hans Holmengen: experience economy, entrepreneurship, event management, image creation
Olga Høegh-Guldberg
Eva Duedahl Knudsen
Christian Krogh: further education, collaboration with enterprises about their educational needs, internationalisation
Gudbrand Lien: analysis of policy instruments, innovation and economic performance, modeling of uncertainty, econometric modeling
Iveta Malasevska
Anne Jørgensen Nordli: innovation in the tourism industry
Terje Onshus: analyses of economic impacts
Martin Rønningen: innovation in the tourism industry, destination development, destination image, holiday motivation
Terje Slåtten: services, emotion, creativity
Håvard Teigen: the rural tourism industry, tourism policy and analyses of policy instruments, innovation, entrepreneurship
Christer Thrane: tourists' expenditures, tourists' length of stays, econometric modelling, market segmentation
Even Tjørve: second homes, winter-resort tourism, national parks and protected areas, biogeography, macroecology, GIS and other quantitative tools
Jonas Karlsen Åstrøm