National Science Week (Forskningsdagene)

The national Science Week is an annual festival where various kinds of research and knowledge-based institutions are invited to showcase their operation to the public in innovative and exciting ways. The National Science Week is held in September.

Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences is an active participant in various events of the National Science Week, along with other knowledge and research institutions in Inland Region.

The objectives of the festival are to:

  • Create enthusiasm and understanding for research
  • Convey what research and its results mean for us in our everyday lives
  • Demonstrate the link between research, innovation and business
  • Spark interest in the media for research and research results
  • Contribute to the recruitment of young people to research related occupations

Through a variety of events, people of all ages and from all walks of life can hear about and experience research. In order to reach different audiences, many of the events during the National Science Week distance themselves from the researcher’s traditional presentation form – lecturing.

The events range from demonstrations, lectures, exhibitions and debates to tours, happenings, cultural and interactive events. Most events are free.