Teaching Guidelines

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This publication provides recommendations and guidelines aimed at policy makers and educators on how to best integrate and implement Education for Sustainable Consumption (ESC) in the formal education sector. Also available in Chinese and Spanish!


Toolkit-collection (3)


The Images and Objects Toolkits are for facilitators and teachers interested in education for sustainable development. The booklets include step-by-step instructions for planning and implementing Education for Sustainable Development activities by using images and objects, together with a starter kit of sample images. 


Teachers Training Moduls

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The teachers training modules proposed in Global Awareness Education focus on selected aspects of sustainable consumption:
• Sustainable Development
• Human Rights: Freedoms and Responsibilities

• Global Interdependence

The Teachers Training Modules proposed in Consumption and Environmental Education have focused on selected aspects of sustainable consumption:
• Tourism helps us recognize problems we don’t always recognize in our own daily lifes. However, irresponsible tourism itself may pose a potential threat to the environment;
• Communication – it provides a basis for effective transmission of information about risks and ways to prevent them;
• Issues relating to soil, water protection and climate change - to ensure an adequate level of practical knowledge of the sources of the emergent changes in the environment.