PERL/UNITWIN Newsletters

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PERL produces three newsletters yearly to share with you activities being carried out by the PERL/UNITWIN partners. It also includes information about other relevant events and resources.

PERL/UNITWIN Newsletters 2016:

Issue 2 - May 2017 Read about the New Center for Collaborative Learning for Sustainable Development and PERL-UNITWIN updates and work.

Issue 1 - January 2016 Read about the Paris Climate Change Conference, the International Strategy workshop on Research and Education for Sustainable Lifestyles, the new International Advisory Board and more. 

PERL 2012-2015 Newsletters:

Issue 17 - September 2015 Read about a New Global Context for Learning and thoughts from the PERL steering group members about responsible living. The newsletter also describes opportunities for further collaboration. 

Issue 16 - July 2015 Read about the Global Action Plan Partner Network, seminars, workshops, and collaboration with other organisations, new translations of PERL materials, the Multi-Stakeholder Advisory Committee 10-YFP-SLE and much more. 

Issue 15 - March 2015 Read about the conclusion of the PERL international conference hosted by UNESCO in March, the winners of the media competition, the new PERL Active Learning materials, the Energy Efficiency seminar and much more. 

Issue 14 - October 2014 Read about "Challenges we cannot avoid"

Issue 13 - May 2014 Read about "We are what we eat: The Global Food Conundrum, the collective workgroup meeting in Sligo, "What's the Story?", the media competition winners, "Learning to Be", the Future Skills workshop and the PERL international Conference 2015.

Issue 12 - November 2013  Read about "A million voices describe the future", PERL media competition, news about PERL, PERL international conference 2015, PERL publication now available and PERL annual meeting April 2014 Ireland.

Issue 11 - June 2013 Read about "Five essential transformations needed to achieve universal sustainable development", PERL partners in motion, PERL final report approved, PERL annual meeting, Youth Roundtable held, PERL skype consultations, ESD + CCE + ESC?, SCP clearinghouse and PERL presentation at European Parliament.

Issue 10 - February 2013 Read about "A Posthumous Message from Hurricane Sandy", the Power of ESD conference, PERL consultations with ICAE about informal education, the online climate change education course for teachers and the global SCP clearinghouse.

PERL 2009-2012 Newsletters:

Issue 9 - September 2012 Read about "Transformative Change is Needed", the new Time as a Resource Toolkit, other new translations, PERL moving into the future 2012-2015, the Chemicals Campaign and the Learning to Live Wisely Conference.

Issue 8 - August 2012  Read about "Moving towards sustainable development", the Rio+20 U.N. Conference on Sustainable Development, the new international version of LOLA, PERL2 application approved and the IFHE World Congress in Australia.

Issue 7 - April 2012  Read about "A new development paradigme", the PERL conference held in Berlin and the PERL2 EU application.

Issue 6 - November 2011  Read about the upcoming PERL conference Berlin 2012, PERL student essay and video competition, contribution to Rio2012 zero draft document. In addition be updated on Regional Network Africa , seminares, training manual and Think Tank 2.

Issue 5 - June 2011  Read about Active learning seminars in Riga, Sofia and Reykjavík, UN Commission on Sustainable Development meeting, Tower Person Award 2011, DESIS Forum and much more!

Issue 4 - March 2011  Read about how 140 participants from 33 countries attended the PERL conference in Istanbul, Regional PERL Networks in Africa and South America, student film and essay competition winners and more PERL happenings!

Issue 3 - October 2010  Read about how 90 PERL partners meet in Amsterdam, Regional PERL networks established in Asia-Pacific & Latin America, film competition, social innovation case studies and more!

Issue 2 - June 2010  Catch up on PERL at CSD, PERL conference dates in Istanbul, Global Survey on Sustainable Lifestyles data, Financial Literacy conference and more!

Issue 1 - March 2010  For all the info on PERL's first Collective Work Group meeting in Rome, and other exciting initiatives as PERL takes off!