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Enabling Sustainable Choices in everday life
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- Enabling Sustainable Choices in everyday life

This handbook outlines 12 strategies that can be used to promote sustainable behaviours in people’s every day life, drawing on concrete examples that have been tested, evaluated and proven to work in a specific context and setting. It goes without saying that there are no quick fixes of how to encourage green behaviour. The strategies and examples provided here give some important clues to how humans tend to act and respond to different approaches.

Worlds largest lesson plans2

- The World's largest lesson website

Teaching resources "The World's Largest Lesson website provides guides and lesson plans on the newly adopted Sustainable Development Goals.

The materials have been created by teachers around the world and are part of a global campaign to make the new agenda famous. The lessons are mainly produced for children aged 8 - 14 years.

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- The learning Metrics Task Force

Toward Universal Learning: Recommendations from the Learning Metrics Task Force presents the full set of recommendations of the Learning Metrics Task Force, a multi-stakeholder group of 30 organizations that met from July 2012 through September 2013. The 18-month process that led to development of these recommendations is described in detail in a series of three reports under the title Toward Universal Learning. In the first report, What Every Child Should Learn, the task force identified the competencies, knowledge or areas of learning that are important for all children and youth to master to succeed in school and life. The second report, A Global Framework for Measuring Learning, presents a vision for how learning should be measured globally. Finally, the third report in the series will be released in November 2013 and will address how the measurement of learning can be implemented to improve education quality.

Rethinking Education

- Rethinking Education: Towards a global common good? 

Recognizing the emergence of a new global context of learning the Director-General of UNESCO established a Senior Experts Group to rethink education in a changing world. The result of the work of the group is presented in Rethinking Education: Towards a global common good? (2015). In the spirit of the landmark publication Learning: The treasure within (UNESCO 1996), the report of the Senior Experts Group reconsiders the purpose of education and the principles that govern education and knowledge as common goods. The publication is intended a call for policy dialogue and as a platform for research on the future of learning.