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The LOLA toolkit promotes active teaching and learning. The process requires that students engage in a series of steps to locate, critique and raise awareness of good local case studies about sustainable living and stewardship of the environment.

Looking for likely alternatives (LOLA), is a pedagogical tool for teachers and students which assists them in the process of identifying, evaluating and documenting cases of social innovation towards sustainable lifestyles. The LOLA project allows teachers and their class to discover, approach and give visibility to alternative sustainable lifestyles in their surroundings. It provides an opportunity to progress beyond the common pedagogical use of case studies and project work which tend to be limited to the immediate classroom context. 

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The process brings the students into direct face-to-face contact with groups of people (the “creative communities”) already implementing sustainable solutions in their daily life and thereby increases the learning potential of working with cases. This toolkit offers specific support to achieve the following competences; becoming an active citizen, learning how to think and act sustainably; making ethical decisions and developing personal values. LOLA connects the work of teachers at several schools in a collective search for examples of universal value, thereby putting into action the goals of the UN Decade for Education for Sustainable Development (2005-2014).



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