Best practices booklets


Best Practices Booklets describing policies and practices around the world.

The booklets present pedagogical insights from the core curriculum: “Here and Now! Education for Sustainable Consumption” and concrete references to relevant examples.

All around the world groups of informed, skilled and motivated people are striving to achieve more responsible ways of living. It is recognised that education is essential to achieve sustainable development for all.

The series of booklets including: “Learning to Live Together”, “Learning to Transform Oneself and Society” and "Learning to Be", "Learning to Do" and "Learning to Know" focus on formal education systems as well as informal education and provide an overview of policies and practices from diverse countries to assist further action around the globe. They contain examples of best practices of education for responsible living as well as suggestions from the policy roadmap and core curriculum: “Here and Now! Education for Sustainable Consumption”. Learning to Do also provides descriptions of three successful methodologies used around the world.


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