Taking Responsibility As a Consumer Citizen - 2005

The third international CCN conference examined how mature civic involvement can affect the development of a more just and caring global society. The participants discussed and exchanged experiences about how “taking responsibility” can be taught in higher education particularly in relation to consumer citizenship education. The conference dealt with:

- how taking responsibility contributes to dignity and self-worth;

- how the responsibilities of the individual,  particularly in his/her role as a consumer, can be identified;

 -how the responsibilities of the individual differ from those of business and governments;

 -how the individual fulfils his/her responsibilities;

 -how one learns to be responsible;

 -how the spirit of selfless community service can be developed in children and youth;

 -how being responsible can be enjoyable.

Participants: 147 participants from 35 countries attended.

Location: Bratislava, Slovakia

Timeframe: May 26-27, 2005

Outputs: 50 research papers were presented at the conference and there was an exhibition by The Sustainable Everyday Project containing an extensive, interactive presentation of scenarios, projects and real cases of sustainable solutions for responsible lifestyles. Conference proceedings were published and a selection of the best research papers were published in the Promoting New Responses series.