Catalyzing Change - 2006

The fourth international CCN conference. The central theme was how the consumer citizen can trigger constructive change in a world characterized by dramatic and rapid transitions. The conference focused on consumers as agents for constructive change. The following issues were examined:

-Which incentives contribute to the development of consumer citizenship?

-What can be done to transform the consumer’s frustrations and uncertainties into change-creating energy?

-How can consumer citizens contribute to improving public discourse and informed debate?

-How can responsiveness, transparency, and trust between the producer and the consumer be stimulated?

-How can consumer citizens use scientific research to create sustainable lifestyles?

-How can commitment and consistency to sustainable consumption be promoted?

Participants: 150 participants from 27 countries attended

Location: Hedmark University College,  Hamar, Norway

Timeframe: May 15-16, 2006

Outputs: 32 papers and posters. Conference proceedings were published and a selection of the best research papers were published in the Promoting New Responses series