Assessing Information As a Consumer Citizen - 2008

The sixth international CCN conference focused on how consumers and citizens deal with the information which they encounter daily and how critical assessment of information can be taught. The conference focused on:

-What information do consumers want and what do they need?

-Which information goods and services improve market transparency?

-What information should scientists, producers, governments, media, teachers, and interest organizations provide to enable consumers to make responsible shopping decisions?

-What is necessary for information to be effectively and reliably transmitted and analyzed?

-To what extent does consumers’ trust in prices and labels as valid indicators of quality encourage or undermine the 

consumers’ interest and ability to acquire information?

-How can consumer citizenship education deal with the cognitive, emotional, social and economic influences on consumer’s capacity to process information?

-How can consumers break codes and identify hidden messages in commercial information? 

Participants: 130 participants from 32 countries

Location: Tallinn University, Estonia

Timeframe: 4-5 May, 2008

Outputs: 36 presentations were made at the conference. There were panel debates, exhibitions and films. Conference proceedings were published and a selection of the best research papers were published in the Promoting New Responses series.