Abstracts conference Paris 2015.


Tuesday 10th March 12.00 - 13.00  
Session 1.1 : Advancing Policy Room III
Redesigning the French National Agenda 21 policy. François Jégou (1); Christophe Gouache (2), Sandrine Fournis (3), Xavier Baylac (4)
Unlocking the Potential of Education about Sustainable Lifestyles in Higher Education Institutions Irina Liokumoviča
Session 1.2 Transforming Learning and training environments Room V
Social Learning for Sustainability: Advancing community-based inquiry and collaborative learning for sustainable lifestyles Robert J. Didham[1] and Paul Ofei-Manu[2]
Discipline and Methodology in ESD / ESC Research Declan Doyle & Mariana Calheiros Lobo
Session 1.3 Building the capacities of educators and trainers Room VI
Values- based Learning and Indicators

Gemma Buford, Elona Hoover, Arthur Dahl & Marie K. Harder


Learning and teaching what really matters Wim van Nispen, Onno Vinkhuyzen
Session 1.4 Empowering and mobilizing youth Room VII
Mindfulness and the affective domain in consumer education: illuminating the dark side of the moon. Daniel Fischer1, Ulf Schrader, Laura Stanszus 2 
A World at Stake – Global Citizenship, Justice, and the Role of Museums Sigurd Solhaug Nielsen, Jørgen Klein
Session 1.5 Accelerating sustainable solutions at the local level Room VIII
Education for sustainable consumption at the workplace. Ulf Schrader, Laura Stanszus
Go Beyond ‘Just Recycling’ Routine: To Create a Sustainable Campus Ayşegül Özbebek Tunç
Symposium 14.00-16.00 Room VIII
“Ethical Transformation and Education for Service at the Individual, Community and Institutional Level” organized by the International Environment Forum
A Multi-level Approach to Ethics, Service and Responsibility Arthur L. Dahl
An Evidence-Based Design Template for Effective Values and of Behavior Change Interventions Ismael Valasco
Valuing and Evaluating Leadership that Matters Javier Gonzales Iwanciw, Onno Vinkhuyzen,Sylvia Karlsson-Vinkuyzen, Fabiana Mendez Raya
Responsible Institutions-Responsible Individuals? Sylvia Karlsson-Vinkuyzen
Wednesday 11th March  12.30 - 13.00  
Session 2.1 : Advancing Policy Room III
Rethinking How We Measure Corporate Social Responsibility: A Comparative Analysis of Four Consumer-Oriented CSR Ranking Systems Ellis Jones
Determinants of recycling practices Ioannis Kostakis, Eleni Theodoropoulou
Session 2.2 Transforming Learning and training environments Room V
The Role of Education for Consumers’ Food Choice After the Accident at Fukushima First Nuclear Plant Yoshiaki Takahashi
UN Global Action Programme and Education for Sustainable Consumption: A Critical Appraisal of the Evidence Base Daniel Fischer
Session 2.3 Building the capacities of educators and trainers Room VI
Initial Teacher Education - Pedagogies and Practices for Sustainable and Responsible Living. Maguire Helen & Mc Cloat Amanda
The EU LIFE program  supporting learning for sustainable living, production and consumption Eveline Durieux
Session 2.4  Empowering and mobilizing youth Room VII
Budget Circles.Case study of the design, implementation and organization of a non-formal transformative learning initiative in the Netherlands. Jeanine Schreurs
Behavior, values and responsibility Dana Vokounova
Session 2.5  Accelerating sustainable solutions at the local level Room VIII
Does focusing on education for responsible living actually increase understanding and change attitudes towards sustainable consumption Mariana Calheiros Lobo & Luis Miguel Cunha & Declan Doyle
Shortening Food chains by knowledge and trust Elena Battaglini
Wednesday 11th March  15.15-16.15  
Session 3.1 : Advancing Policy (Transforming Learning Environments) Room III
Fundisana Online - content, methods and competences for a changing world Shepherd Urenje & Wolfgang Brunner
Session 3.2 Transforming Learning and training environments Room V
Teaching Nature – A Concept for Developing Key Competences for Sustainable Development in 5-7 year old Austrians Christiana Glettler
(LOLA):Some Creative Approaches to Education for Sustainable Development Iveta Līce
Session 3.3 Building the capacities of educators and trainers Room VI
Cultivate responsibility through mission-based learning Bistra Vassileva
Challenges and possibilities of promoting consumer education: case age project. Taina Mäntylä, Marjaana Manninen, Hanna Turetski,Sissel Annie Husebråten, Anita Forsnäsgård
Session 3.4  Empowering and mobilizing youth Room VII
The Problem of Personality's Responsibility in the Context of Values System  in Latvia Marina Marchenoka
Portuguese Consumers’ Interest in Seafood Production and Consumption: Insights Considering Benefits, Risks and their Environmental Impact Ana Pinto de Moura1 • Luís Miguel Cunha2
Session 3.5  Accelerating sustainable solutions at the local level Room VIII
Low-carbon lifestyles and potential policies Jörgen Larsson
Sustainable Consumption and Production Marino Melissano