PERL GAP Committments

PERL GAP Commitments per 2016

a.      The 10-Year Framework of Programmes about Sustainable Consumption and Production Program (10-YFP) on Sustainable Lifestyles and Education (SLE)

  1. PERL will assist the SLE coordination desk in coordinating the education activities identified in the SLE Action Plan for 2016-2017
  2. PERL will contact and consult with national focal points for the 10-YFP and national focal points for the GAP in ca.12 countries (2-3 from each region) about how they can get support from relevant stakeholders to develop education for sustainable lifestyles as an integral part of ESD in their countries.
  3. When possible, PERL partners will facilitate consultations and workshops for educational authorities and local stakeholders when requested or arrange that other qualified organizations do this.

b.      Activities connected to resource creation and dissemination

  1. PERL will arrange for translations of their Active Learning Images and Objects toolkits #1-3 into Russian; Values-based toolkits #2-3 into Spanish; Active Learning toolkit #6 into Norwegian.
  2. PERL will create a new best practices booklet entitled: “Learning to Do – Education for Sustainable Living”.
  3. PERL will create a new resource material in their Active Learning Images and Objects series entitled: “Why Buy?” and deals with the symbolic value of consumption.

c.       Activities connected to capacity building

  1. PERL will assist receptive Regional Centers for Expertise for education for sustainable development in including learning about sustainable lifestyles in their initiatives.
  2. PERL will help identify and share information about, and where possible, contribute to moduls and courses on Sustainable Lifestyles.
  3. PERL will share guidelines on ESL with educators via various media (such as articles in relevant publications).

 d.      Activities connected to research and concept development

  1. PERL will contribute to the creation, if possible, of an index/catalog of relevant scientific publications about sustainable lifestyles.
  2. Will try to hold 10 presentations / workshops / courses about learning for sustainable lifestyles in the 2016-2017.
  3. PERL will contribute to on-going research about education for sustainable lifestyles.