PERL Work Groups

Every PERL partner, whether in Work Groups or not, is part of the Consultants' Network. The Consultants' Network members rights and responsibilities are outlined below. Benifits and obligations of members of the Consultants' Network. Members of the PERL Consultants’ Network have made the following commitments and receive the following benefits:

PERL provides an opportunity for members to:

  • Consult on how best to stimulate sustainable lifestyles world-wide (giving priority to issues and approaches of importance; considering how to support and encourage actors dealing with these issues as well as policy-makers; and sharing up-to-date-information on results of actions taken recently)
  • Interact with the other members of PERL and exchange information, ideas and experience with them at collective PERL meetings and conferences, online blogs and forums, PERL’s newsletter, skype meetings, etc
  • Provide advice and concrete suggestions to PERL.  

 Benefits of being a member of the PERL Consultants’ Network:

  • members of PERL will be able to participate in the ongoing, updated global discourse about responsible living and sustainable consumption and production
  • members of PERL will receive two copies of PERL publications free of charge
  • in addition to access to the public PERL website which will provide information and links on developments with the field of education for responsible living, members will also have access to the restricted PERL website containing working documents
  • members of PERL will be able to participate in the PERL international conferences and seminars planned for 2012- 2015
  • members of the PERL have the possibility of having their own projects and/or research results and initiatives published in PERL publications, shared via PERL presentations, exhibitions and dissemination materials.

Obligations of being a member of PERL:

  • Your working time which is directly connected to PERL is considered to be a contribution to the PERL project by your institution/organization. No monetary compensation for working hours will be made by the PERL project except in the case where a specific contract has been entered upon.
  • The PERL logo can be used on material which has been approved by the PERL Steering Group and which is not produced for profit
  • PERL’s Steering Group must be informed as soon as possible of any significant changes in the partner organization
  • PERL partners agree to comply with the principles of good partnership practice.
  • PERL partners from Europe are expected to pay a participation fee of 150 Euros which covers the project period of 1 October 2012- 30 September 2015.


Workgroup 1: Bridging the knowledge/action gap

Some members from left to right: Onno Vinkhuyzen, Gemma Burford (instead of Marie Harder), Kirsi Niinimaki, Dana Vokounova and Arthur Dahl. Members not on photo: Marilyn Mehlman, Victoria W. Thoresen


Workgroup 2: Stimulating informed choice

Some members from left to right: Christophe Bernes, Ana Pinto de Moura, Hanna Turetski-Toomik, Miriam O’Donoghue, Andrea Mendoza and Alcina Dourado. Not on photo: Finola Butler, Peter Daub


Workgroup 3: Mapping changes in attitudes and behavior

Some members from left to right: Luis Cuhna, Ransom Lekunze, Elena Battaglini, Ana Christina Figueira, Iveta Lica. Not on photo: Helen Theodoropoulou, Laszlo Borbas, Nadezda Klabusayova, (Declan Doyle)


Workgroup 4: Curriculum development

No photo available
Group members: Tove Brita Eriksen,Taina Mäntylä, Lenka Muzickova (Petr Jakubicek), Alejandro Salcedo, Bistra Vassileva, Sanne Schnell Nielsen, (Robert Didham).


Workgroup 5: New skills for sustainable living

Some members from left to right: Carma Martinez-Roca, Veronika Schweiger-Mauschitz, Amanda McCloat, Cheryl Hicks. Members not on photo: Marilyn Mehlmann, Francois Jegou.


Workgroup 6: Building capacity in teacher training

Some members from left to right: Helen Maguire, Gregor Torkar, Violeta Dimitrova, Irena Zalienskiene, Nuno Melo. Members not on photo: Vija Dislere, Hans Levander, Frans Lenglet, (Miriam O’Donnoghue).


Workgroup 7: Encouraging constructive stakeholder involvement of youth

Some members from left to right: Victor Nogueira, Miroslav Nikolov, Marilyn Mehlmann, Jette Gottschau. Members not on photo: Aleksi Neuvonen, Steinnun Anna Gunnlaugsdottir.


Workgroup 8: Focusing on positive, innovative initiatives

Some members from left to right: Kaija Turkki, Sacha de Raaf, Sevgi Kalkan, Irina Liokumovica. Members not on photo: Suzanne Piscopo, Francesca Rizzo.


Workgroup 9: Consultans Network

Some members from left to right: Alexander Todorov, Nadia Boyadijeva, Peter Bris, Joanna Kostecka, Ilga Prudnikova, Diana Rumpite. Members not on photo: Tsveta Horeva, Peter van der Baan, Richard Szabo, Valentin Petroussenko, Tiina Laurila, Veleva Bisserka, Marie Mikusova, Giorgi Donegani, Hindrek Lootus, Jeanine Schreurs, Katalin Ujhelyi, Georgeta Bolojan, Ingebjørg Aarek.


Workgroup 10: Contributing to the public and scientific discourse

Some members from left to right: Vera Fricke, Luisa Ferria da Silva. Members not on photo: Lukasz Jurczyk, Jørgen Klein, Tone Granaas, Bjørg Quarcoo, Declan Doyle


Workgroup 11: Following-up after the Rio 2012 Earth Summit

Some members from left to right: Nick Meynen, Frans Lenglet, Machtelijn Brummel, Gunilla Blomquist (external evaluator), Sylvia Karlsson Vinkhuyzen, Rauf Versan. Members not on photo: Barbara Mazur, Peter Daub, Cheryl Hicks, Fanny Demassieux.


Workgroup 12: Establishing an international center for education and research about responsible living

Some members from left to right: Sjöfn Gudmoundsdottir, Einar Hugo, Kristof Dewaele, Trygve Hermansen. Members not on photo: Victor Dordi


Workgroup 13: Cooperating with relevant projects and partnerships

No photo available
Group members: Victoria Thoresen, Miriam ODonnoghue, Declan Doyle, Francois Jegou, Ulf Schrader (Vera Fricke), Kristof DeWaele, Frans Lenglet, Marilyn Melmann, Tone Granaas, Arthur Dahl, Leida Rijnhout (Nick Meynen), Cheryl Hicks


Workgroup 14: Project Management

No photo available
Group members: Victoria Thoresen, Declan Doyle, Francois Jegou, Bernard Combes, Fanny Dissimeux, Miriam O’Donnoghue, Andrea Innamorati, Gregor Torkar, Machtelijn Brummel, Bjørg Quarcoo, Einar Hugo, Sacha de Raaf

Workgroup 15: Regional networks - Developing education and research about responsible living outside of Europe

Group members: Luis Flores Mimica, Carme Martinez-Roca and Robert Didham. Not on photo: Einar Hugo