Sustainable Everyday Enabling Kit

Sustainable Everyday Explorations (SEE2) and Sustainable Everydays Enabling Kit (SEEK) and DESIS

PERL attempts to give visibility to creative communities that collaboratively invent new ways of living. Sustainable Everyday Explorations (SEE2) has created an online site of interactive collaborative scenario building, a platform open to design school students, professors and to the public. Its aim is to co-create an articulate set of quality local and framework projects which have been or can be implemented. SEEK: Sustainable Everydays Enabling Kit is a toolkit created in collaboration with schools, based on their concrete experience and enabling other schools to replicate what has been done. Each toolkit focuses on the everyday life of the pupils in the school, enabling them to study their current impact patterns, to extend investigation to problems and opportunities around the school, to start from that basis an initiative which is promising in terms of sustainability and to diffuse it to families, extra-school activities, clubs, and parent-teacher organizations. DESIS is a network of design labs based in schools of design (or in design-oriented universities) that promotes social innovation towards sustainability. Its establishment is a part of SEE and SEEK. 

Participants: Design students and faculty, schools, local communities, and parents

Location: Globally with Specific workshops in Malmø, Sweden; Paris, France, Istanbul, Turkey; Wuxi, China; Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France; NYC, USA.

Timeframe: 2009-onwards

A series of case studies on social innovation. Website: and ; a draft Sustainable Everydays Enabling Kit toolkit; related workshops and training sessions.