Empowering Transformation

Empowering Transformation

PERL works to strengthen connections between researchers, lecturers, teacher trainers, teachers and socio-economic actors and stakeholders. It enhances cooperation between professionals from diverse disciplines in order to develop integrated approaches to education for sustainable consumption. PERL also facilitates teaching and teacher-training which strengthens global, future-oriented, constructive perspectives within education for sustainable consumption. 

Participants: PERL partners, teachers, teacher trainers, educational authorities, relevant ngo’s

Location: Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Panama, Japan, Korea, Kenya, Swaziland, South Africa, Norway, Ireland, Finland, Estland, Lithuania, Latvia, Bulgaria, Italy, France, Germany, Portugal,  Sweden, USA, U.K., Spain, Slovenia, Russia, Belgium, Hungary

Timeframe: 2009-onward

Language: English and local languages

Outputs: PERL has created guidelines and lesson plans, held training seminars, learning centers, and workshops, and developed websites, distributed learning materials, etc. PERL has also held a think tank of experts on the direct and indirect consequences of the choices individuals make in their interaction with the market.