Developing Education for Responsible living

Education for Sustainable Consumption Education for Sustainable Lifestyles

PERL has helped bring to the forefront of policy discussions and academic consultations the importance of education and research for sustainable, responsible consumption. PERL urges education institutions to reflect in their daily management the priorities given to sustainable development. PERL assists in the inclusion of themes, topics, modules, courses and degrees about education for sustainable consumption in established curriculum. This has been done through PERL’s preparation and distribution of materials, case studies and guidelines and participation in conferences, meetings and seminars around the globe and, in particular, at recent UN Commissions on Sustainable Development. PERL is an accredited UN CSD-Partnership. PERL prepared an innovation brief about education for sustainable consumption (ESC) and presented case studies on the progress that Mexico, Japan and Mauritius have made in implementing ESC.  UNEP and the Marrakech Task Forces for Education for sustainable Consumption (Italy) and the Task Force for Sustainable Lifestyles (Sweden) have been central in their support of these initiatives. PERL has also contributed to the OECD research on consumer education and their policy recommendations. PERL helped EU’S DG Health and Consumer Policy organize the educational part of the 2011 Consumer Summit. Presently PERL is helping coordinate an Institutional Strengthening Project for UNEP on integrating ESC into national education policy in Indonesia, Tanzania and Chile.  Stockholm+40, Rio+20

Participants: Numerous PERL partners have been involved in these activities, in particular representatives of the PERL regional networks in Latin America and in Asia/Pacific.

Timeframe: 2009- onward

Language: English, French, Spanish