Active Learning Methodologies

PERL is presently further developing, testing and translating learning materials which focus on active learning methodologies to stimulate students’ associative skills and comprehensive understanding of sustainable, human development.

The Images and Objects Toolkits are for facilitators and teachers interested in Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). Sustainable Consumption is and important aspect of Sustainable Development. These toolkits provide step by step instructions for planning and implementing ESD activities, using images and objects, and include a starter kit of sample images. Toolkit #2 focuses on Climate Change and Personal Consumption. Teacher guidelines are available on website: . A third toolkit on Personal Finances is being produced as is an adapted version for the international year of the forest.

ParticipantsThe Curriculum Development Unit of Ireland and the Life Skills Teachers’ association of Iceland have headed the work with the active assistance of PERL partners form Slovenia, Malta, Portugal and Denmark. The Federation of Environmental Educators and the Norwegian Institute for forestry Research have collaborated with PERL on the adapted version of the toolkit for forestry.

Timeframe: 2006-onward

Language:English,Portuguese, Norwegian, Bulgarian, Czech, Greek, Slovenian, Latvian and Italian.

Outputs: Toolkits, translations of toolkits, adaptations of toolkits, teacher guidelines, training seminars, pilot project with review and analysis, website