DCC (2001-2004)

Developing Consumer Citizenship

The main objective of this project was to further co-operation between European countries in the field of consumer education in the context of citizenship development on the level of compulsory initial teacher training as well as graduate teacher training. This project dealt with the following issues: How can consumer education contribute to a wider vision of the consumer as an active, responsible participant in the development of a just and safe world? In what ways does the exercise of citizenship include the practice of aware, critical choices in the marketplace? To what extent are lifestyles which neither limit the development of other human beings nor destroy the world’s environment prerequisites for being a good citizen?


National Consumer Council of the U.K.; University of North London, U.K; Hedmark University College, Norwegian Ministry of Children and Family Affairs, Norwegian Consumer Council, Swedish Consumer Agency, Jaan Tonisson Institute (Estonia)Estonian Consumer Protection Board, Talliinn Pedagogical University (Estonia), Latvian Centre for Curriculum Development, Latvian University of Agriculture; Latvian Consumer Rights Protection Centre; Lithuanian Center for Civic Education; Lithuanian Ministry of Education and Science; Vilnius Pedagogical University, Suhrs Seminarium, Denmark; Lisbon School of Higher Education, Portugal; Uppsala University, Sweden; Iceland  University of Education; SIFO, Norway; Consumer Institute, Portugal.



Socrates Programme of the European Commission, Directorate of Education and Culture; Norwegian Ministry of Children and Family affairs


Courses, websites, teaching guidelines and a prototype curriculum, national dissemination seminars.