CCN (2003-2009)

The Consumer Citizenship Network (CCN)

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The Consumer Citizenship Network was an interdisciplinary network of educators, researchers and civil society organizations. It focused on the balance between material and non-material well-being and examined how ethical values can be implemented in conscientious participation in the market. 


CCN worked to develop the concept of consumer citizenship; analyze what elements of consumer citizenship already exist in higher education and particularly in teacher training; stimulate and coordinate research about consumer citizenship; survey curriculum provision of consumer citizenship education in universities and schools; describe and analyze different practices; identify common competences; develop good practice for teaching and accessing consumer citizenship education; and create training materials for teachers teaching consumer citizenship.

The Consumer Citizenship Network dealt with the following topics:

1) How can the consumer citizen deal with the ethical challenges of prosperity?

2) How can the media and ICT be constructive tools for the consumer citizen?

3) What are the consumer citizen’s rights and responsibilities as regards food, transport, housing, energy use and personal finances?

4) What contributions can the consumer citizen make towards the eradication of poverty in the world?

5) How can awareness and social involvement be stimulated in the consumer citizen?

6) How can sustainable consumption best be taught?

Target groups: Teachers in higher education in general and teacher trainers in particular.