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Here you can find an overview of PERL's information flyers. These flyers describe PERL's activities, teaching materials and policy materials. 

For more detailed information on PERL's materials please visit our Publications page

Here and now

Core Curriculum and Policy Roadmap - Recommendation and Guidelines

Read more about how this publication can support policy makers and educators

Cpacity building

Capacity Building

Read more about how PERL/UNITWIN builds capacity with policy makers, teacher trainers, teachers and public at large

Active Learning Methodologies

Active Learning Methodologies

Read more about how the toolkits provide an opportunity to teach sustainable ways of living as an interactive, practical and holistic learning process

Creative competitions

Creative Competitions

Read more about how PERL involved students to reflect on the interconnected and often highly complex issues related to sustainable, responsible living

Values-based indicators

Values-Based Indicator Toolkits 

Read more about how to approach education for sustainable lifestyles from a constructive values-based perspective


Looking for Likely Alternatives

This pedagogical tool for teachers and students, assists in the process of identifying, evaluating and documenting cases of social innovation towards sustainable lifestyles. 

Stimulating stakeholder dialogue

Stimulating Stakeholder Dialog

Read how PERL improves the dialog and collaboration between users and designers/producers as well as between the public and governing authorities as an essential part of achieving sustainable development

PERL international conferences

PERL International Conferences

Read more about PERL's international conferences

Initiatives from around the world

Initiatives from Around the World

Learn more about the examples of best practices of education for responsible living from around the world

flyers together

Activities brochures (combined)

For ease of print we have combined all above mentioned flyers here