Action Plan for ESL

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An action plan to promote education for sustainable lifestyles 2015-2017

Education for sustainble lifestyles

Despite increasing international recognition on Education for Sustainable Consumption and Lifestyles (ESCL), mainstreaming and implementing ESCL in formal education curricula is still a challenge. Various networks, initiatives, and tools have been developed in different regions. However, more efforts are needed to apply, scale up and replicate them, as well as to support implementation at national and regional levels. Beyond formal education, the programme also covers the non-formal, informal education and vocational training. Every day, people make decisions in various learning environments, including workplaces and homes. Examples where ESCL is brought to those places are increasing, showing the applicability of ESCL in real life. To advance ESCL beyond formal education, it is fundamental to reinforce public acceptance of sustainable and low-carbon lifestyles, provide opportunities for learning about systems, processes, choices as well as about their impacts.

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