Living responsibly

The Partnership for Education and Research about Responsible Living (PERL/UNITWIN)



PERL is a partnership of educators and researchers from over 140 institutions in more than 50 countries -  working to empower Citizens to live responsible and sustainable lifestyles.

PERL's mission is twofold:


1. To empower individuals to recognise their role as active citizens and to make more responsible daily choices.

2. To influence governments, business and schools to educate individuals and to make better lifestyles choices both available and attractive.


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The power to stimulate change

lies in the hands of conscious consumers and active citizens through the choices they make every day. Together with governments and business, individuals can influence local as well as global issues such as climate change, financial instability, poverty and personal health.  

Initiatives and Impacts

The Center for Collaborative Learning for Sustainable Development facilitates initiatives that provide learners with necessary knowledge and skills to become independent, critical and aware consumers; with the ability to reflect over quality of life and definitions of “needs”, and with the didactic competence to plan, justif...

Global Cooperation

The PERL/UNITWIN network has created space for collaborative learning by connecting people from diverse backgrounds and disciplines. Local as well as global cooperation and frank, open, solution-oriented discourse will continue to be fundamental for the activities of the new Center for Collaborative Learning for Sustainable...


To further develop collaboration on education for responsible, sustainable lifestyles, HUAS established a UNESCO Chair on Education for Sustainable Lifestyles and initiated a UNITWIN project building on 20 years of values-based, holistic and interdisciplinary work. Read more


PERL has actively contributed to the U.N. Decade on Education for Sustainable Development (2005-2014) and continues this important work by diligently supporting UNESCO’s Global Action Programme on Education for Sustainable Development (GAP). Read more

PERL and the SDG's

PERL has been involved in the processes coordinated by the United Nations leading to the Sustainable Development Goals which build upon the Millennium Development Goals and constitute the 2030 Agenda. PERL is commited to contributing to the implementation of the SDG's. Read more.


As a means of continuing the work PERL has done with the Marrakech Task Forces on Sustainable Consumption and Production, PERL is engaged in the implementation of the global 10-Year Framework Program for Sustainable Lifestyles and Education. Read more


Here you can find articles on transformative learning and social learning methodologies. You can also find information on relevant research projects.

Policy support

Here you can find an overview of global sustainable development processes and the resources that support it.

PERL works

to assist people around the world who are trying to change from being uncritical consumers to becoming more conscious and active citizens.

PERL information flyers

Here you can find PERL's information flyers. These flyers describe PERL's activities, teaching materials and policy materials.

PERL aims

to advance education for responsible living by focusing on values-based learning, consumer citizenship, education for sustainable consumption, social innovation and sustainable lifestyles.


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PERL has been an Erasmus Academic Network of the E.U. Lifelong Learning Program. PERL/UNITWIN carries forth the work of PERL. 


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