Why get tested?

There are many potential reasons for getting tested, whether you are a professional athlete, amateur, or want to start working out and implement lifestyle changes.

Workout control

When training regularly, it is essential to ensure that the workout has the desired effect, and to determine whether it is necessary to make adjustments to the training regime. Testing is thus an important tool in monitoring your workout.

Fitness road-mapping

Has it been long since you’ve been physically active? Do you wish to make a change in your lifestyle? Testing is a very useful tool for determining health status and physical fitness. This will aid in forming the baseline for building a plan of the measures necessary in order to achieve your desired objective.   


Regular testing can be motivating and helpful in raising awareness in regard to fitness or lifestyle changes. In addition to feeling that activities gradually become easier, testing will provide specific figures that highlight the improvement since the previous test.


Testing provides the possibility to map your status then and there. This could be a great basis on which to build a plan for further training. Re-testing will provide a picture of how the training has been working, and whether overall fitness shows improvement. Re-testing provides the best indicator on whether workout has been effective to its desired degree.

The ideal time between testing and re-testing depends on your workout program and goals. We can help you plan when a re-test will be the most beneficial.