Remember before getting tested

When you are about to get tested, it is important to keep the following in mind:

Arrive on time! You are kindly asked to show up no later than five minutes before the designated start time.

  • Due to the fact tests at the laboratory are scheduled in close succession, a delay in one test may cause a delay for all tests scheduled after.
  • At the same time, unforeseen delays may occur, so bring some reading materials with you in case you need to pass some time until the start of your test.

Show up to the test well rested. Ensure that you go to bed early on the day before the test, and don’t exercise excessively 24 hours prior to the test.

In case of illness or another reason that hinders you from showing up for the test, call in to notify of this well in advance. “No show” will result in charging you for the full price of the test.

Eat as well as you can on the day of the test, and write down what you have eaten so that you have the documentation for the next time you will get tested. Variation in food consumption from one test to the next may affect the test results.

Drink sufficient amounts of water prior to the test, and bring your own water bottle to the test. You may only consume water during the test, as consumption of other beverages – such as energy drinks – may affect the test results.

Remember to bring a fresh change of clothes for when the test is complete. The test may be physically strenuous and it is advised to not remain wet and cold after the completion of your test.

Bring with you food to eat once your test is done. It is important to renew your energy shortly after a difficult test.

Ask! If there is anything you wonder about or are unsure of, it is crucial that you inquire about it. No questions are silly – but it is silly not to ask.