Karlstad University (KAU)

The university is one of the youngest universities in Sweden, established in 1999 – dynamic, brave and innovative. The close link between research, education and cooperation is a feature of the whole university, where social commitment is a part of the culture.

The University is located on one campus in Karlstad, offering a modern and creative environment. The inviting library lies at the heart of campus, providing a highly appreciated study environment for 16, 000 students. Today, the university offer around 70 degree programmes and over 900 single-subject courses at Bachelor and Master level (first and second cycles). There is also an extensive distance education programme. One student in four chooses to study off campus.

Karlstad University is known for providing high quality education in several professional areas. The Bachelor programme in nursing has received a high national ranking. The university also provides Master programmes in nursing in the following areas: primary health care, intensive care nursing, prehospital nursing care and theater nursing care.

Our nursing research focuses on promoting health and the quality of care, covering theory, method development and implementation of research in the health and care sectors. The research departs from the perspectives of patients, families, health professionals and students. The research is carried out in collaboration with stakeholders in different areas and organizations. Research is conducted in close cooperation with local healthcare units in the region. We also cooperate closely with researchers in other disciplines at Karlstad University and at other universities in Sweden and abroad.

The research programme in promoting health and the quality of care at Karlstad University comprises three research areas that partly overlap: Models and innovations for safe healthcare, Handling complex illnesses and, Expertise and professional development in healthcare.

Project team:

  • Jan Nilsson, Professor, RN, RNT, MESc, PhD
  • Maria Larsson, Professor in Nursing, RN, CNS, MNSc, PhD
  • Carina Bååth, Professor, RN, PhD
  • Cecilia Olsson, Senior lecturer, RN, PhD
  • Anna Willman, Senior lecturer, RN, PhD