Akademi Keperawatan Ibnu Sina (AKIS)

Akademi Keperawatan Ibnu Sina (AKIS) or Nursing Academy Ibnu Sina is the only higher education institution in the field of health (especially nursing) in Sabang, Weh Island, Aceh, Indonesia. AKIS has developed from a high school level nursing school run by the local government of Sabang, to a nursing school at college level (Diploma III) managed by the Education Foundation of Ibnu Sina Sabang.

AKIS offers a Diploma III professional nursing programme, especially in the sphere of community nursing. Several years ago, AKIS also provided a special advanced programme for the graduates of the nursing school who wished to continue their education to Diploma III level. AKIS plans to upgrade its education level to bachelor degree in the next five years.

Project team:

  • Suwarni Abubakar, MSc. in Public Health, Secretary of the Ibnu Sina Foundation
  • Samarullah Hamid, RN., MPH. Master in Public Health, Lecturer at AKIS
  • Ariyani RN, Bachelor in Nursing
  • Aida Khairunisa, Master in Disaster Education Science, Lecturer at AKIS
  • Noor Aznidar Aldani, Master in Nursing, Lecturer at AKIS