The CABNEI project will be implemented during a three year period (2021-2023) and consist of five work packages (WP) which are briefly described below.

WP 1 - Preparation: The first WP includes project preparation and preparation of a baseline assessment of competence in Indonesia.

WP 2 - Development: The second WP includes development of nurse educators’ core competencies in nursing philosophy and theory, educational philosophy and views of learning and teaching, and quality development concerning the areas of management of the nursing profession and nursing role.

WP 3 - Quality plan: The third WP includes the establishment of a quality control group who will lead the development of quality indicators and protocol for monitoring.

WP 4 – Dissemination: The fourth WP includes dissemination of the project, which will be done digitally through webpages, media and academic reporting.

WP 5 – Management: The fifth WP includes formation of partnership agreements and the establishment of a management team to ensure the highest standard of project coordination according to EU requirements.