The CABNEI project idea has been developed over many years, with the experience of more than 15-year long cooperation between INN University and the partners in Indonesia.

The aim of the project is to raise the competence of nurse educators and their ability to facilitate learning that will strengthen the quality of nursing programs and improve nurses ability to address various health issues for the population.

The CABNEI project will empower the teachers in nursing education so they can act as change agents and be active participants in renewing curriculum and bringing innovative teaching methods not only to the universities in Banda Aceh, but also to a wider dissemination in the region and to the national nursing association.

The project is expected to have a great impact to the quality development of the nursing education at the tertiary level in Indonesia. Aspects regarding equity and respect between different health professions and their specific competencies are important for the future development of curriculum. The change agents will play an important part as being the continuous professional competence of the institutions and the region. The change agents will be able to continue to build network in the region and communities.

To be able to meet the local needs and to have a more comprehensive cooperation, the participation of INN, KAU, ØUC and UC Syd is decisive to the success of this project. By implementing new pedagogical ways of teaching, new curricula, and developing the nursing education from diploma to bachelor will help to enhance the equity and respect of each other’s competences between different professions and the modernization of the educational system for health professions in Indonesia.

The sustainability issues are well addressed in the new and innovative solutions of empowering regional nursing educators and have them to collaborate as change agents’ even after the projects end. This will secure the afterlife and the dissemination of the project. It addresses sustainability issues and inclusiveness of the nursing education in region where access to higher education in rare. A development and capacity building project within the field of nursing in Banda Aceh, where the aim to “educate the educators” will make the project unique when it comes to how ownership of the projects outputs.


Signing of Partnership Agreement

The Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences are glad to inform that within the Erasmus+ funded project “Capacity Building in N...


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