Molecular Genetics in Breeding and Wildlife Management

Molecular Genetics is a broad field spanning from functional genomics (elucidation of gene function) to the development of novel DNA technologies for genotyping animals, plants, humans and the microbes associated with them.
Functional genomics often involves genetics, protein biochemistry and cell biology in both wild and transgenic organisms with the goal of understanding fundamental biological phenomena or developing markers associated with desired breeding
traits in plants and animals or diagnostic genetic markers in medicine. In addition to developing novel genetic markers, our group employs established markers to genotype wild and bred populations to elucidate information relevant to ecology and conservation biology, or to facilitate marker-assisted breeding in agri- and aquaculture. Our activities also include the development of novel DNA technologies for single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) marker genotyping.

Project examples

Molecular Genetics group

  • Professor Robert Wilson
  • Associate professor Wenche Johansen
  • Associate professor Arne Linløkken
  • Professor II Knut Rudi
  • Professor II Odd-Arne Olsen
  • Associate Professor II Muath Alsheikh
  • PhD student Ako Eugene Ako
  • Lab engineer Else-Berit Stenseth
  • Lab engineer Kirsten Frydenlund
  • 3-5 Master students
  • 3-5 Erasmus students