Commercialisation of Biotechnology


Through the core area Commercialisation of biotechnology we aim to bridge the gap between scientific results within biotechnology and the development and marketing of products and services based on such research.

Commercialisation of biotechnology entails marketing biotechnological ideas and inventions from scientific laboratories with a focus on the different factors that facilitate this process.  

Photo: Norsvin/Jens Haugen

Photo: Norsvin/Jens Haugen

This includes studies on innovation, intellectual property regulations, business planning, and economy. All MSc students performing their thesis work within commercialisation of biotechnology are closely connected to a biotechnology company, working with «real world» problems.

Some on-going projects:

  • Transfer of SpermVital technology to swine – challenges, possibilities and market potential.
  • Fresh-water fish farming in inland Norway – a new growth area?
  • Developing a commercial model for evaluating monetary value of biotechnology products in the aquaculture and agriculture sector.

Faculty members involved in the commercialisation of biotechnology:

  • Professor Elisabeth Kommisrud
  • Professor Knut Olav Strætkvern
  • Professor Rob Wilson
  • Associate professor Frøydis Myromslien
  • Professor II Knut Rudi
  • Professor II Lars Monrad-Krohn
  • Associate professor II Frank Larsen
  • Assistant professor II Jørn Ulheim