Core areas and projects

Bilde: Geno

Reproduction Biotechnology
Reproduction Biotechnology comprises technological and biological approaches to reveal factors affecting fertility, across species and kingdoms. Gametes from animals, aquatic organisms and plants are characterized to identify phenotypic traits important to fertilizing capacity.


Molecular Genetics in Breeding and Wildlife Management

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Bioprocess and Enzyme Technology 
Valuable biological products are obtained from microorganisms, cells, tissues and plants. When handled gently, they keep their structure and functions intact. Bioprocess technology (BPT) comprises the practical methods needed for producing and isolating biomolecules, like proteins, both in the lab scale and in the industry. BPT converts product ideas to industrial reality. 

Bilde: Cryogenetics AS

The Commercialisation of Biotechnology
Through the core area commercialisation of biotechnology we aim to bridge the gap between scientific results within biotechnology and the development and marketing of products and services based on such research.