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Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences (INN University) has been granted approximately 2,5 million NOK for a project that both Tanzanian and Norwegian student teachers, and their respective institutions, will benefit from.

The main objective of the project is to contribute to increased quality in teacher education through international cooperation, and the project has several scholarships for student exchanges – both ways.

The project Active Citizenship and Gender Equality in Teachers Education (CIGETE) builds on a long lasting cooperation between INN University, Marangu Teacher’s College (MTC) and Darajani Secondary School in Marangu. A new partner is Mwenge Catholic University (MWECAU) in Moshi. The partner institutions are approximately 45 minutes apart in the Kilimanjaro region in the northern parts of Tanzania.

The funds for this NOTED-programme (Norwegian Partnership Programme for International Teacher Education) come from the Norwegian Agency for International Cooperation and Quality Enhancement in Higher Education (DIKU).

Gender equality and the responsible citizen

The starting point for the CIGETE-project is citizenship and gender equality, and it is connected to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. These are important issues for student teachers and teacher educators in both countries.

Benjamin Mbezi who works at both MTC and Darajani Secondary School says:

- Awareness about citizenship and gender equality in teacher education will enable the teachers to work for gender equality and human rights. Mbezi is a former student at INN University, and obtained a Master’s degree in public health from Elverum in 2015.

MWECAU states that these issues are essential and very much in line with the university’s vision of educating responsible citizens.

Student and staff exchange

- The Norwegian student teachers are among the students who are the least mobile during their studies. In the application for funds, we therefore emphasised that increased internationalisation in our teacher training programmes is an advantage for both education and research, and we budgeted with several scholarships for students, says project leader Prisca Bruno Massao.

All the institutions involved in the project are in harmony [GH1] in this matter, and according to MWECAU, this project will give great opportunities to exchange experiences that can contribute to better learning and teaching at MWECAU, since the MWECAU students will gain better international insight and inter-cultural competence through student exchange. MTC thinks that student and staff exchange between our two cultures contributes to increased respect, cultural understanding and tolerance for all the partners in Norway and in Tanzania.

A big part of the project is about student and staff exchange. Norwegian students can take subjects, have teaching practice or gather data in Tanzania, and Tanzanian students can take courses at INN University. This contributes to deeper insight in another culture for both teacher students and teacher educators in both countries.

- We will develop courses and promote research-based knowledge that will give the teacher education in both countries new international perspectives, says Massao.


All the institutions involved in the project, INN University, MWECAU, MTC and Darajani, are interested in internationalisation as part of increased quality in education and research. This project will also have some impact outside the universities.

- In cooperation with MWECAU and MTC, we will try to extend the international teaching practice through establishing new partnerships with selected lower secondary schools in Moshi and Marangu in the Kilimanjaro-region. The aim is that these schools will continue to be teaching practice schools for INN University students even when the project has ended. We have already cooperated with Darajani Secondary School in Marangu for several years, and we are looking forward to further cooperation with them, continues the project leader.

The cooperation through teaching, research and administration will give all of the involved partners better insight in the different competencies that are valuable in working with teachers, teacher education and research, both nationally and internationally.

Expected results

The CIGETE-project will officially start in January 2020, and will go on for four years. The total expected results are:

-          12 INN University teacher students will go on a mixed exchange (studies and practice) at MTC, MWECAU and a school – one semester.

-          8 INN University music teacher students will go to MTC and Darajani Secondary School for teaching practice for four  weeks.

-          16 MWECAU and MTC teacher students will go to INN University to study Education for Diversity and Sustainable Living – Nordic perspectives in a global context (30 ECTS), or other relevant subjects in English language at INN University.

-          8 academic staff on teaching exchange for one week, four from Tanzania to Norway and four from Norway to Tanzania.

-          Research and publications related to the project’s work.

Besides, there will be workshops at least once a year, either in Tanzania or in Norway, where both academic and administrative staff will meet to secure good workflow and progress in the project.