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Getting started with Zotero

Zotero installation

Zotero is a free software. Access to install.

Download the Zotero 5.0 application suitable for your operative system, Windows or Mac. Close all other applications before starting the installation

Install the Zotero Connector available at the same page, and select the version for either Firefox or Chrome. The Zotero Connector does not work as well with Internet Explorer or Safari. If you still want to use Safari, check out the Zotero Bookmarklet.

Word add-in

After installing Zotero, open Word and a Zotero-tab have been added to the top menu.

If the Zotero-tab is missing, follow these instructions: 

  • Close Word
  • Go to Zotero Preferences → Cite → Word Processors and choose 
    • “Install Word for Windows Add-in” if on a Windows PC
    • “Install Microsoft Word Add-In” if on a Mac

Create a Zotero-account and set up synchronization

We recommend that you register on 

This allows you to synchronize your references in the Zotero-application with the online version. This also provides the opportunity to share your references with other Zotero-users.

After the registration, open the Zotero-application to set up synchronization.

  • Edit → Preferences → Sync and add the same username and password you used when registering.

Reference style

INN University recommend APA 7th as reference style.

To change the reference style in Zotero, go to Word and choose Document preferences in the Zotero-tab.