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Nettskjema: net-based tool for data collection

Students and employees at the Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences have access to the questionnaire tool "Nettskjema" when writing assignments or teaching.

“Nettskjema” is provided by the University of Oslo and is a secure solution for data collection for small to large amounts of data. The NSD Privacy Ombudsman and the Regional Ethics Committees for Health Research (REK) recognize “Nettskjema”.

“Nettskjema” is the only permitted questionnaire tool at HINN if personal information is collected.

Various free tools (survey tools) such as Google Forms, SurveyMonkey o.a. are not permitted when collecting personal information.

Worth noting about Nettskjema:

  • Free use of Nettskjema for all users, staff and students, with FEIDE.
  • No licensing.
  • The collection can take place via laptop, tablet and smartphone.
  • Bokmål, Nynorsk or English language setting.
  • Free user support from UiO's user support center by phone and email.
  • Own website with information, training and login portal.

Login to Nettskjema

Login to Nettskjema

Click on "Log in Nettskjema"> select FEIDE> select affiliation (first login)> enter your Feide username + password (same as you log in with on your work computer in the morning). If you are still unsure, you have a more detailed description here:

More information about Nettskjema

Who can answer the forms created in Nettskjema?

Respondents can be people who are:

  • Feide logged in
  • All with the link to the survey (completely open)
  • Invitees who have email address

Answer from mobile devices

  • Answering forms can be done from mobile phones and tablets. The online form also has a reception for the delivery of answers from mobile apps developed at UiO.

Read more about mobile solutions for research.

“Nettskjema” with dictaphone and photo solutions

“Nettskjema” has two unique apps that can be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet; “Nettskjema” -Dictaphone for sound recording and “Nettskjema” -photo for photography. The apps can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store. The Dictaphone app forwards the audio files to the “Nettskjema” you have created for your interview (s) or photo recordings. This replaces the tape recorder and dictaphone or camera. Collecting and storing interviews with personal information and photos with people for research purposes on your own smartphone without the app is not allowed. The difference is that the respective apps ensure that the audio recording or image is encrypted on your smartphone and it is not possible to play the audio recording or view the image directly from the phone, you must log in to the “Nettskjema” results section or TSD (for sensitive data) to do it.

Read more here about “Nettskjema” dictaphone

User guides

Always start here:

User support at UiO:

Local user support at HINN: IT Department Learning and Research Technology Ian McKelvey (Lillehammer) and Erik Lysbakken (Elverum).

Personally sensitive data or data that needs special protection

If you are going to use “Nettskjema” in a project with collection of personal information and / or sensitive data, you must first investigate whether the project is notifiable. The main rule is that if you are to process personal data in the survey, it must be reported to the privacy ombudsman for research.

If your data capture contains data with a special need for protection, for example personal sensitive data reported to the Regional Ethics Committee (REK) or the NSD Privacy Ombudsman, the project must be placed in the research portal TSD (Service for sensitive data). “Nettskjema” can still be used, but must be set up by technical support at UiO.


If you have questions related to the use of “Nettskjema”, local user support at HINN can be contacted: IT Department Learning and Research Technology Ian McKelvey (Lillehammer) and Erik Lysbakken (Elverum).

R&D advisor Anne Sofie Lofthus, tel. 61 28 82 77, can also be contacted regarding questions about “Nettskjema”, privacy and research ethics.