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What is Endnote?

EndNote is a program designed to help you manage your references. By using EndNote you can collect, organize and store references and then use them in your paper. You can import references into EndNote from many different databases. When you have installed the program, an EndNote-tab will appear in Word, and you can insert references from EndNote into Word easily.

Should I use Endnote or Zotero?

EndNote is a similar software to Zotero, and wether or not you want to use one of these programs is entirely up to you. If you do choose to use it, we recommend Zotero. We find it to be the easiest alternative in getting started, but also while writing together with others.

If you´re already an EndNote user, feel free to continue with this

Install Endnote

Students: go to your masterroom in Canvas, locate EndNote in the room, and download the file by following the instructions. Contact the library if you do not find EndNote.

For employees and PHD students: find the installation file in the Software Center on your computer or at

To learn Endnote: we recommend the Endnote training channel on Youtube

Creating a library

After installation of the EndNote software it is time to create a EndNote library (this is done automatically on Mac). Go to EndNote – File – New – give the library a name of your own choosing. It is important to store this library outside of cloud storage services such as OneDrive, Dropbox, iCloud etc. We recommend the following:


  • Store the library on your local hardrive (C:) by creating a folder there (you will not be able to save files directly on (C:) without creating a folder). Give the folder a name of your own choosing


  • Create a folder under Applications, and save the library there (give the folder a name of your own choosing)

Be aware that the EndNote library consists of two parts: a library file (.enl) and a data-folder (.data). These two files are connected and must be saved in the same location. This is done automatically when creating a new library, but if you ever want to move or share a library make sure to move both files to the new location.

Do not save your library on a cloud service or network drive.

It is not recommended to save your EndNote library on a cloud-based service (Dropbox, OneDrive, iCloud etc) or a network disc because the library can be damaged. Clarivate recommends to save the library on a local hard drive (C:\) and backup the library by syncing it to EndNote Online.


To create a backup of your EndNote-library use the Compressed Library-function in EndNote (File – Compressed Library). This will create a compressed version of your library which can be stored in cloud storage services, or sent by email

We also recommend creating a user on EndNote Web. By synchronizing your own library with EndNote Web you can always access your references regardless of which computer you’re working on. Create a user on Endnote Web

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