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Remote access

Remote access to the library's online resources.

Access via the library website

When using links via the library website that demand login in order to get access, you’ll be asked to do so. You login with your username (student-/ employee number) and password.

Access via EzProxy bookmarklet

This bookmarklet allows you to get off-campus access without having to start from the libraries website every time. You simply click on the bookmark to check if you have access via the INN library.

Select the link here below and drag it to your bookmarks toolbar to install. 


The next time you’re entering a database or journal directly you can simply click on the bookmark and the page will be reloaded via the libraries proxy server (and thus giving you access if the library has a subscription).


If you’re using Chrome as your browser you can add an additional program (extension). This program has the same functionality as the EzProxy Bookmarklet. It adds a button in Chrome which you can use to reload the page via the libraries proxy server, thus checking if you have access through the libraries subscription.  EZproxy Redirect


  • Make a bookmark in Safari
  • Edit the bookmark
  • Change the bookmarks name – for ex. “EZproxy”
  • Paste this URL in the URL-field: 
  • javascript:void(location.href=""+location.href)

Installing EzProxy Bookmark on the iPad (video)

How to make URLs to databases and articles that work off-campus? 

If you want to use an URL that works off-campus, in most cases you can’t just copy the URL from the address field and paste it into your document. In order to make the URL work the URL has to start with this prefix: 

In order to avoid doing this manually you can use the proxy tool below. Copy the URL you want to use into the box (remember to copy “http:” as well) and click on “add proxy prefix”.

If you're having problems please send us an email. If possible attach a screencast or a description of the problem and we will help you as soon as possible.