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Oria - Search in the library

Search the library's resources: books, articles, journals, theses, reports, music, films, electronic resources, etc.

Use Oria when you: 

  • want to find a specific book or article.
  • need relevant literature on a subject. Search for individual keywords or phrases in Oria.
  • want access to doctoral or master theses from Norwegian educational institutions.
  • want to request books that are unavailable (on loan or not in your collections).
  • want to order articles which are inaccessible in full text. 
  • are uncertain of which search tools are best for your subject or discipline.
  • are uncertain of how to construct an advanced literature query.

By logging on you can order books/articles and save searches. You can also see your loans and requests as well as renew your loans.

Use advanced search in Oria for more precise searching. Other databases are more suitable for thorough and complex queries.