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Resource page for PhD candidates

High formal requirements are set for doctoral theses and you must demonstrate that you master all formal requirements for academic texts, from information on the front page, to a table of contents and bibliography.

At the top of this page you will find information on:

1. How to prepare the manuscript of the doctoral thesis for submission for evaluation.

2. How to prepare the doctoral thesis for printing after it has been approved by the evaluation committee.

3. Library courses and guidelines for PhD (database search, Endnote, publishing course, use of templates, etc.).

Further tools:

PhD on Track is a web-based tool designed for PhD students. By using this tool, you can learn more about how to search for and manage information and literature when you are doing your research. You may also familiarize yourself with how you can publish your research. PhD on Track is the outcome of a cooperation between the university libraries in Oslo, Bergen and Aalborg, the library at the Norwegian School of Economics, the library at Bergen University College and the National Library of Norway.