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Requirements for Open Access

Several research funders require that scientific articles from projects they have funded must be published in open access journals or platforms. The Norwegian government has national goals and guidelines for open access to scientific articles.


National guidelines in Norway

The government’s goal is that all publicly funded Norwegian research articles should be made openly available by 2024, and the government has established guidelines and measures for open access to research articles.

The guidelines states that researchers shall examine the possibilities for publishing their articles in open access journals and choose open access journals where academically acceptable. All publicly funded research articles must be deposited in a suitable academic repository, such as Brage, INN University's Open Research Archive.

More information: National goals and guidelines for open access to research articles (PDF)

The Research Council of Norway and Plan S

The Plan S requirements applies for calls for proposals from and including 2021. The Research Council of Norway, and the other funders in cOAlition S, require full and immediate open access to all research articles from projects that receive funding. All scientific articles must be made available immediately, without embargo and with an open licence that permits reuse of the publication.


Articles from projects funded by the Research Council must be made available with a Creative Commons licence CC BY 4.0. If special grounds so indicate, a CC BY-ND licence  can be used.

How to meet the requirements

There are 3 main paths that meet the requirements for Plan S:

  1. publication in Open Access journals or platforms
  2. publication in journals included in transformative arrangements
  3. open archiving of a peer reviewed version of the article without embargo. Either the final version (Version of Record), or the Author's Accepted Manuscript (postprint). No matter which version you archive, it must have a Creative Commons license.

Publication fund

If you are publishing in a journal or platform with an Article Processing Charge you can apply for funding from the publication fund at HINN. The fund is administered by the library.

Application publicationfund 312.82 kB

Open archiving

Faculty at INN can self-archive publications in Brage, INN University's Open Research Archive, by depositing a full text of your publication through the national research information system Cristin. Register the article in Cristin, and select “Deliver full-text documents” at the bottom of the page and follow the instructions. The University Library will then check any legal issues and check if the article can be published in Brage.

See our pages about Brage and self-archiving

Journal Checker Tool

Journal Checker Tool is developed by cOAlition S to help researchers easily identify journals or platforms that enable compliance with the Plan S requirements. Enter your institution, funder and the journal title to see if it meets the requirements.

You can also use  The Norwegian Register for Scientific Journals, Series and Publishers  to identify journals that are open access and approved as a scientific channel in the Norwegian publication index.

More information

Plan S - open access to publication (at Forskningsrå

The Research Council's requirements before 2021

If you were awarded funding before 2021, articles from projects funded by the Research Council must be made available in an open archive, such as Brage. The deadline is 6 months after publication for journals in medicine, health, mathematics, science and technology and 12 months for journals in the humanities and social sciences.

The EU and Horizon

The EU requires that articles from projects funded through Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe must be archived and made openly available in a repository like Brage,

In Horizon 2020, the requirement is that the publisher's version of the article (Version of Record) or accepted manuscript version (Author's Accepted Manuscript) must be made openly available no later than 6 months after publication for articles in medicine, health, mathematics, science and technology, and 12 months for journals in the humanities and social sciences.

If possible, underlying research data should also be archived and made available. Horizon 2020 - online guide on open access and data management

H2020 Online manual: Open Access to publications

Any questions?

Send an email to academic librarian Per S. Refseth

For questions about the publication fund contact senior academic librarian Mahmood Khosrowjerdi