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Open Access Publishing deals

HINN has entered into agreements for Open Access publishing with several publishers. In the list below you will find information about what applies to each publisher.

NB! The publishing quotas at Taylor & Francis and Wiley has been used for this year. It is no longer possible to publish Open Access through these agreements in 2020. From 1 January 2021, new quotas will be made available.

Unit is national coordinator for the work with open access in Norway and negotiations with publishers, accomplished by the team Unit Licence agreements and Open access.

HINN subscribes to agreements with the following publishers:




  • This agreement runs to the 31st of December 2022. NB! The publishing quota for 2020 will probably be reached in October 2020.
  • Author publishing workflow

Taylor & Francis


See which journals that are included in each agreement and read full information about all the publishing agreements on

To identify if a journal is a part of a publishing deals with Unit, you can search for the journal in the Norwegian Register for Scientific Journals and Publishers. But it does not state whether HINN is part of the particular deal.