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HINN Open Access Publishing Fund

The open access (OA) publishing fund at the Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences (HINN) provides financial support for HINN-affiliated researchers to cover article processing charges (APC) to publish research articles in open access journals. In 2021, funds are also earmarked for publishing scientific books with open access.

NB! For the calendar year 2021, NOK 500,000 has been earmarked for open publishing of scientific books. Support is given to scientific anthologies that are published with international partners or with leading Norwegian researchers in the field. Monographs are assessed separately. The book publisher must be approved as scientific in the Norwegian publication indicator, and chapters in anthologies must meet the requirements to be reported as scientific in Cristin.


To receive support, the following criteria must be met:

  1. The applicant must be a part-time or full-time employee or student at HINN, and s/he must credit HINN in the article, that is, Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences (or Høgskolen i Innlandet).
  2. The application must be submitted by the corresponding author before publishing the article. The “corresponding author” is the author who is responsible for submitting the article and following it up through the publishing process with journal/publisher.
  3. The supported article must supplement the criteria for a scientific publication in accordance with the criteria for the Norwegian publication indicator. The journal must be at level 1 or 2 in Norwegian register of scientific publication channels.
  4. The supported article must have a Creative Commons license or an equivalent open access license.
  5. The journal must be registered in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)
  6. The maximum amount covered per article is NOK 30,000 (incl. VAT).
  7. The journal's or publisher's guidelines for open access publishing and the requirements for author payment must be available on the publisher's website.
  8. The article that receive support must be registered in Cristin, and the published full text must be deposited in Cristin no later than the time of publication.
  9. A maximum of three applications from each applicant can be approved in each budget year.

OA publishing fund does not support:

  • Publication of books, book series or book chapters.
  • Already published articles.
  • Expenses for color printing, additional illustrations, digitization of printed publications, large expenses and the like.
  • Publishing of individual articles in subscription-based journals (i.e. hybrid open access), Open Select or a like.

Externally funded projects should normally finance publication fees for OA publishing of results of the project. Funds to cover such expenses should therefore be included in the project applications. Exceptions are projects funded by the Research Council of Norway, which contribute indirectly to the financing of all APC for open access through the fund.

Applications that meet the criteria are continuously granted if there are funds. If the budget item runs out of money during the budget year, those who have approved applications will be reimbursed for the APC.

In well-founded cases, support may be granted even if not all requirements are met.

The guidelines are approved by the Vice-Rector for research. The fund is administered by the HINN Library.

These guidelines may be changed without notice, but without affecting already granted approvals or refusals. The HINN Library’s decisions are final and cannot be appealed.

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