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What is Cristin? 

The primary purpose of Cristin  (Current Research Information System In Norway) is to register and report research activities. Cristin is also used to deliver scientific publications data to the Ministry of Education and Research.

How do I sign into Cristin?

Cristin - Research results

Each researcher should register their scientific publications, as well as other results from research and development, such as artistic works, reports, popular science articles, books, lectures, media contributions, conference papers, etc. An overview of categories of registration can be found by logging in and selecting Research results – Register result.

Search Cristin before registration 

Results shall only be registered once, so check first to see if it already exists in Cristin. It may have been registered by a co-author or imported. Check as well that your name and institution are correct. 

Annual deadlines

  • Feb. 1: Deadline for registration of this year's results is 1st February the following year. If you know you have publications that are delayed or published after this deadline, it is important that you immediately notify your Cristin superuser at your department.
  •  Nov. 30: If you have suggestions for new publication channels, these must be submitted by 30th November.

My researcher profile

Researcher profiles contain information about the researcher, background, contact information, tags, CV, awards and research cooperations. The profile is a key point in Cristin that allows you to navigate to a researcher's records in other modules in the system. From the profile we can see what a researcher has published, and which projects and research institutions he/she is linked to. See also  Cristin user guide. 

Cristin - Projects

The project module contains information on projects which one or more Cristin institutions are involved in. In this module you can register your own projects.

The project module provides an overview of the topics that are researched in Norway and contains an overview of research related to the project, the project topic, the institution responsible for the project, and subsequent research the project has contributed to. The Research Council and others who fund research, will get all the information and updates on projects from Cristin.

Publication points

Publication points are calculated by multiplying the author´s share by different values for the level and form of publication. The individual institution's publication points are calculated by adding up all the weighted author shares. The categories that count as publication points are monographs (scientific books), scientific articles in anthologies and articles in scientific journals and series. This system provides the following points per publication: 


Category Level 1  Level 2
Monograph (ISBN / ISSN) 5 8
Article in anthology (ISBN) 0.7 1
Articles in journals and series (ISSN) 1 3

Author share: Each author is credited for "their" share of the publication.

Remember that your affiliation to Hedmark University of Applied Sciences (HUAS) has to be provided in the publication! In some cases, an author credits several institutions in one publication, and the publication points are then divided between these institutions. Clarify this in advance with your immediate superior.

Contacts at each campus

Campus Elverum:  Elin Opheim
Campus Evenstad/Blæstad:  Sarah Louise Loftheim
Campus Hamar:  Anne-Cathrine Børke Overskott
Campus Lillehammer:  Henriette Frisenberg Sundgaard
Campus Rena: