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Order-and-pick-up service

The library services now offer a limited opportunity to order and pick up items from our physical library collections.

Who can order?

We ask that you limit your orders to materials that are vital to your work, and which is not available electronically. The order-and-pick-up service applies to students and employees at HINN, only.

Which items can be ordered?

  • You may now order available items from HINN library collections directly via Oria.
  • From 8 June: Items can be shipped between campus libraries.
  • Interlibrary loans (i.e. from libraries elsewhere) is not offered at this time.

Collecting items 

  • Items are - at the earliest - available for pick-up the day after an order has been placed. If you have chosen another campus for pick-up than the book is located, it will take more time due to transportation.
  • You will need to transport yourself to campus for hand-over. Remember to bring ID (student card).
  • You will receive an email from the library, describing where and when items can be collected. Items will be held for 1 week, before being passed on to the next interested user.
  • On arriving at the pick-up location, you will need to telephone the library. A phone number will be given in the aforementioned email. 

Handover will take place outside the main entrance, as access to campus buildings is strictly regulated.

Remember infection control measures!

As you arrive to collect ordered items, please adhere to the general infection control measures given by the health authorities:

  • Remember to wash your hands thouroghly. Use hand sanitizers where hand-wash not is an available option.
  • Keep a distance of minimum 1 meter to others.
  • Have someone else pick up your ordered items if you are quarantined, if you show signs of illness, or if you have been in contact with someone infected with Covid-19.

Returning borrowed items

  • If you are continuing as a student at HINN the coming autumn, please keep your borrowed items until further notice. Your loans will be automatically renewed.
  • Graduate students, and students relocating/moving, may return borrowed items:
    • Contact your campus library via email to make an appointment.
    • Items should be delivered in a plastic carrier bag to the agreed-upon location.

After delivery, it may take at least 3 days for your returns to be registered, as the items will be held in precautionary quarantine.


  • Contact your campus library. As phone hours are limited, you are advised to send an email.