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Staff-less libraries

At Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences (INN University), all libraries have extended opening hours. This means that enrolled students and faculty have access to the library facilities before and after regular, staffed opening hours.

How do I gain access?

You have access to the staff-less library if you are a registered student or faculty member at Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences.

Before and after staffed opening hours you may access the library premises using your student card/access card and pin code. If you leave the library, you will need your card to get back in.

For safety reasons, selected areas of the library premises are under video surveillance when staff is not present. Theft and vandalism will be reported to the police. 

Opening hours

The libraries opening hours.

Rules of conduct

The library is a place for everyone. Please respect our simple rules:

  • Show consideration for your fellow students – keep the noise level down.
  • Tidy up after yourself – take good care of the library!
  • Remember to check out items you want to borrow, using the self-service machine.
  • Alcohol, drugs and animals are not allowed.
  • The staff-less library is for INN University students and employees only. Please do not allow anyone else to enter.

Frequently asked questions

I have triggered the alarm, what do I do?

The alarm gate is triggered because one or more documents haven’t been registered correctly. Please try to register your loans at the self-service machine again. If unsuccessful, check with us at your earliest convenience to see if your loans have been borrowed correctly. You may also leave the book(s) at the counter, leaving us a note that you want to borrow these items, and that you’ve accidentally set the alarm off.

Will I need my student card, even though I arrived before the staff left?

You will need your card to enter the library if you leave the premises after regular opening hours.

You will also need your card if you to want to borrow documents at the self-service machine, and if you need to print or copy something. Using the stand-alone computers, and using the library as a workplace does not require you to have your student card.

What is my pin-code?

Your pin-code can be found at

The self-service machine will not work, what do I do?

If you’re able to register your card at the self-service machine but not the book, you will not be able to borrow the book. Please visit us again during regular opening hours.
If the self-service machine does not function or shows an error message, please leave us a note. You will not be able to borrow the book, so please visit us again during regular opening hours.
If the self-service machine doesn’t work when you’re to return your borrowed documents, just drop the documents in the boxes next to the machine. Library staff will make sure all documents are properly returned.


I’ve found a book in the library catalogue, but it’s not on the shelf. What’s wrong?

This means that either the book has been misplaced, or that somebody is using the book in the library but haven’t borrowed it. You can reserve the book on our webpages (log on with student number and password), or come see us during regular opening hours.

Emergency numbers

In case of an emergency, call either the police, the fire department or ambulance:

Police: 112, 02800

Fire Department: 110

Ambulance: 113

Inland Norway University of Applied Sciences emergency number: + 47 04315