Speak up!

As a student, you can use this platform to notify us when there is something that needs improvement at INN University, or when you are satisfied with something. In particular, we ask that you report serious, critical circumstances.

If you are an employee at INN University, please use the form on our internal webpage.

When the situation is serious  


Please notify us regarding harmful, dangerous, unethical or criminal events. Examples may include pollution, research fraud, corruption, bullying, threats or sexual harassment, or other unwanted incidents and accidents. You can notify in writing using the available form, or orally to your student representative or student administration.

Important information prior to notifying

When something requires improvement


Speak up in regard to negative aspects in your learning environment. You can send suggestions for improvement, address it directly with the relevant party, or try to resolve the matter in cooperation with your student representative or student administration.

Use notification form

When things are positive


What are some things you find inspiring? What elements do you wish to preserve or increase in your learning environment? Your feedback may result in new initiatives being formulated, or positive aspects being preserved, which would benefit you and your fellow students. You can, of course, also bring it up directly with the relevant party or with your student representative.

Use form to provide positive feedback

Where can you receive advice and support?

If you wish to discuss the case with someone prior to notifying about it, you may contact your programme director or adviser. You may also contact the student counselling services at your campus.

You can read more about how Speak Up! messages are processed in "Procedure for Speak Up! scheme" (link forthcoming).