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Semester registration – Active students

All active students need to pay the semester fee and complete the semester registration in order to retain their right to study at INN University each semester.

How to register for the semester:
  1. Log in to Studentweb with your student number and password.
  2. Create the invoice for the semester fee, and pay the invoice.
  3. Complete the semester registration in Studentweb. You will then be registered for the teaching and exam in the subjects in your educational plan (utdanningsplan) for the semester. If you plan on choosing electives, add them to your educational plan.
  4. Check your profile and update your semester address if needed.

Deadlines for semester registration:

Fall semester

(Studentweb opens 01 July)

Spring semester

(Studentweb opens 01 December)

Deadline for completing the semester fee payment 01 September 15 January
Deadline for completing the semester registration 01 September 15 January



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