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Individual education plan


The education plan is an agreement between the student and INN University, and can be found in Studentweb. At the start of each semester, all students need to check and confirm their plan.

The deadlines for confirming the education plan and paying the semester fee (completing the semester registration) are as follows:

  • Autumn semester: 01 September
  • Spring semester: 15 January

Some study programmes have diverging deadlines. Students enrolled in such programmes will receive information by email. 

Contents of the education plan

The education plan in Studentweb provides information about the semester(s) of the various courses in one’s study programme. Compulsory courses are included; however, elective courses must be added where applicable. The plan must contain the correct courses for each semester.

Upon completion of the education plan, and paying the semester fee, students are registered for teaching and examinations in the following semester.

Information on exams and achieved grades

Log in to Studentweb to view information on exam dates, the candidate number for each exam, achieved grades and information reported to Lånekassen (for students with a Norwegian student loan). Specific information regarding the location (only for on-campus exams) and time of exams, including the candidate number, will not be available until a few days / a week before the exam.

A Transcript of Records, an official overview of achieved grades at INN University, can be ordered in Studentweb.

Rights and obligations

All students must familiarise themselves with INN University's regulations and expectations for students. Upon completion of the semester registration, all students must:

  • Comply with laws and regulations at INN University.
  • Confirm the mandatory self-declaration concerning the submission of student work.