Semester fee

Students participating in exchange programmes are exempt from the payment of semester fees. Full degree students and students participating in shorter programmes are obligated to pay their semester fees.

General information

All students can generate the semester fee invoice in Studentweb. For detailed information on how to do so, please view our semester registration webpage.

The semester fee for 2021/2022 is a total of NOK 851,- per semester. The fee consists of:

  • Semester fee: NOK 560,-
  • ICT-fee: NOK 85,-
  • Kopinor-fee: NOK 166,-
  • SAIH/Namibia: NOK 40,- (voluntary)

The support to Norwegian Students' and Academics' International Assistance Fund (SAIH) for the fall semester and the Namibia Association (Namibiaforeningen) for the spring semester are both voluntary contributions. If you do not wish to support these projects, NOK 40,- can be deducted from the invoice.


It is a condition to have paid the semester fee to:
  • Be registered as an active student
  • Get access to INN University’s ICT-services, for instance, Studentweb, Canvas and Inspera.
  • Control your education plan and report for courses and exams
  • Be able to present yourself at exams and retake your exam
  • Have a valid student card
  • Have a right to vote for INN University’s and the students’ administrative bodies
  • Get access to the students association’s social welfare services
  • Print and copy from INN University’s copy machines
  • Borrow books from the library and get access to the library outside ordinary opening hours 


Application for a refund of the paid semester fee

An application for a refund of paid fees must be sent to INN University within September 1st for the fall semester and February 1st for the spring semester. There is an exception if you have paid too much.

If you have paid a semester fee to another Norwegian university or university of applied sciences, you can send us documentation. We will then withdraw the semester fee to the Student Association, but you must still pay the Kopinor and ICT-fees for your studies at INN University. For more information, see Lov om Studentsamskipnader §10 Semesteravgift.

Any questions concerning refunds are to be addressed to